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Mimi Pug
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pug Jail

Hello from Mimi, aka inmate 2116. Sorry for the lengthy silence but time gets distorted when one is in jail. That's right, I was put in pug jail. Something about "inciting dog disobedience" or some malarkey like that. I'm a pug that likes to speak her mind even if "the man" doesn't like it. And now I'll probably have my sentence lengthened for calling Momma a man but it's not like I'm going to see the light of day after what happened yesterday anyway so I might as well tell you. Keep in mind what I allegedly said about the word NO last time...

So I don't get to sleep with Momma. When I came from my first home at the ripe ol age of 7 weeks, I was so little that Momma was afraid she'd squish me in her sleep and wake up to a nightmare. Add that I like peeing and pooping in beds and us co-sleeping is a no go. So I sleep out in the living room in an enclosure, not a crate, so we both get sleep. But because of Mom's health issues let's just say our sleep schedules don't match up. I have newspapers so I can potty even when she's not awake but there are times where things happen outside and I need to tell her about them, even if she's asleep. Sometimes its "hey! there's a dude with a leaf blower and he's being loud!" or "hey! there are children and they're being loud!" or even "there's snow falling off the roof and it's being loud!" She usually yells back "Mimi! I can hear them too! You don't need to tell me now go back to sleep!" She says she can hear them but I'm not so sure because she doesn't get up to yell at them (though she almost did at leaf blower guy one time...) Anyway yesterday she told me to hush but I didn't so she got up to tell me in person. Normally at this point I would get the message and reluctantly obey, but this time I didn't. Lemme give you all a word of advice, If a Momma (or a Daddy as the case may be) comes and angrily tells you to stop something, maybe you should listen because if they have to do it a second time you might not get as many treats or cuddles. And dog civil disobedience is great till it affects intake of treats and/or cuddles.

Mom says I'm not allowed to "shawshank" my way out of prison, but I won't be going under...


  1. Welcome to Blogville, Mimi and Aarin! We did put your on our blogroll. You might add the option to follow your blog with the Followers gadget. It makes it easier to add you to blogrolls and learn when you add new posts.
    Can't wait to read more of your adventures!

  2. Oh no Mimi! We hope you get out of pug jail soon!

    We're lucky that we get to sleep with the pawrents ... during cold weather. When it's hot they make us sleep in the kitchen because it's cooler. That is when we make mama crazy 'cause we run in and out all night long and bark at everything that makes noise outside. We don't know what her problem is - we just sleep all day! Maybe if she didn't take a 10 hour car trip (without us) every day she could sleep, too! She calls it "work" ... whatever that is! BOL

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

    1. Momma has that "work' thing too! I thought it was just me that had to deal with that! Good to know its a widespread affliction.