Mimi Pug

Mimi Pug
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Friday, March 14, 2014

skunk spot?

As you can see from my beautiful picture, I'm not solid black anymore. I'm only 8 but people think I'm much older because of all my white fur. Momma rubs me and asks "when did my baby get so grey?" It was a gradual thing starting with the hairs on my chinny chin chin, then my chest and arms. Momma calls me "silver paws" sometimes because even the fur between my toes has lost its dark luster! I even have this spot on my side that is "affectionately" referred to as my skunk spot. Its on my side and is the size of a small grape.

Now I've never seen a skunk, but Momma says they are "small black and white striped ornery little buggers that stink!" Uhh striped you say? Didn't she say I have a skunk SPOT? Do skunks also come with spots? I'm confused... And I take offense to being called a stinky bugger with a bad attitude. Sure I can be stubborn, but that's just a part of being a pug! For non-pug readers, we are renowned for being obstinate (doing what we want regardless of hearing NO) As to skunk stripes, I think Momma got her karma. She's been calling me skunky for years due to that spot and despite only being 29, she found 3 grey hairs last week! Turnabout is fair play, eh Momma? I tell her not to feel bad, as there are plenty of attractive people with grey hairs...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I know why the caged dog barks...

While I've received a suspension of my sentence, things are not all rainbows and bacon here at the house of Momma. She is not herself and somethings wrong but I don't know how to fix it. Sometimes she acts strange(not wanting kisses, falling asleep on the couch) but this time is different. She's spending a lot of time in bed, which means a lot of time away from me. In the grand scheme of things, we are still together the same amount of time but she isn't going to work as often and instead of spending extra time with me, she's spending it with her bed which is totally not fair! She says she's "depressed," whatever that is. Grammaw was really sick the last 2 months and Momma was really worried so maybe that that caused this "depressed" thing but whatever caused it, I don't like it.

Momma swears she'll be better soon, but I'm not too sure. She's never been like this before and I don't know how to fix her. I'm trying to behave more and be more patient but there are still things I want at certain times (mainly kibbles and my daily allotment of chicken meat) Has anyone else had to deal with this? How did you make it through?