Mimi Pug

Mimi Pug
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Well hello there! In the wake of recent events, Momma decided starting a blog would be a good distraction from stress. So here I am. Let's get introductions out of the way, shall we?

I'm Mimi (Mischief Mimi to be exact.) I like snarfling microscopic bits of food off the floor, barking for absolutely no reason at all, and licking the air constantly. (No really, I do it so often that Momma yells at me because she loathes the noise.) Then there's Mom. She's warm and comfy to lay on. She also tastes like heaven, especially her feet. We live in an apartment in North Carolina. Then there's Grammaw who I don't get to see enough and Auntie Madjulyn who I see even less, but I still love them.

I don't get to spend as much time with Momma as I'd like but she says I can't go with her everywhere. Something about "dogs are not allowed everywhere." Who the heck made THAT rule?! I certainly never agreed to that and think it's terribly unfair. If I were queen, dogs would be allowed everywhere, especially restaurants! Then we could eat all the leftovers :) There might be a problem because Mom says I have an issue with "personal space" as in I don't think she needs any. Why should I be 3 feet away from her on a couch cushion when I could lay on her and smother her with my back fat? It's my prerogative...

Well thanks for reading my first post!